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My Story

Few words about me

I have + 20 Yearsexperience working in multiple leading roles in well recognized international companies as Schneider Electric, General Electric & Coromatic by e-on. Sitting in several Boards as member or Chairman.

My passion is about making things happen and stay true to the strategy.

With the right mindset everything is possible

Our offering

Digital Transformation

Need to build a digital strategy and secure your business are aligned with the available and coming technologies that are instrumental for your business growth. One of Volderconsult`s offerings are to actively work together with you and give you support and knowhow on implementing new tools and defining your digital strategy.

Business Consulting

Business consulting cover a wide range of areas. Where Volderconsult can help your business is by bringing experience & knowledge into your team. The topics can be many - But the overall offering is to help your business achieve the goals. That can be on Sales, Strategy, Projects, Export, Network or other areas. 

Grow your sales

I can help you define and develop your Business plan and Strategy - To secure both short and long term goals. Challenge your business model and support on sales strategy on domestic and/or export sales. If needed I offer to work dedicated with your sales team to raise the bar and grow your sales.

Last job before Volderconsult

I’m very happy and proud to have been an active part of the transformation of Coromatic between 2016 - 2020.

It have been 4 years of transformation and integration of different cultures from acquisitions into one Coromatic by e-on.

I leave a company of +500 highly skilled professionals within the Operations Secured 24/7 business - And the capabilities of this company are great, and the future of business is very bright. 

I have truly been inspired by my leaders and peers on leadership principles, business planning and strategic thinking.

The financial development have been fantastic and Coromatic was sold to e-on in 2019. 

PUBLIC AVAILABLE - Figures, Result 2016 - 2019

Coromatic - Danish Operations