Who are Volderconsult and why should you consider to trust me working with your business

How it started

I have worked for some of the biggest and most successful companies within their industry - And learned from highly skilled colleagues and customers from different cultures. . . 

My passion is all about executing, challenging, transforming, winning & I feel very comfortable doing this by leading and motivating people around me. Success is not an individual game - Success is a result of setting the right team and work with the competences everyone brings into the team. You don’t have to be a solid or dotted line manager to lead - Leadership is about courage to show passion and move forward inspiring people around you.

Any job requires a proportion of what I define as "Corporate Stuff". This is a beast that can consume a tremendous part of your time away from customer focus and away from spending time motivating people around you.

"Corporate Stuff" is very important for the business - But I will try to position myself to spend the majority of my time in the area where I truly add value for my customers and that is primarily working with people, customers, opportunities, business development etc. 

My philosophy behind volderconsult - Is that my clients will only take on an external consultant when the assignment is well defined, timebound and clear. This will give both parties a strong result securing my effort is delivered exactly where I add value. 

I look to build long-term relationships and working for happy recurring customers -

I am fully aware that the only way to fulfill this is by exceeding my customers expectations.

Focus - To Deliver

After working for several years with Business opportunities in complex projects - I have learned that it`s all about keeping focus and spend time on the right things.

Weather you do Projects, Tenders, Quotations, Business plans, Development projects or other things - The outcome is always determined by the way you deliver and how good you are to facilitate the team around the job.

I have learned that getting the right profiles on the team is what makes the difference. And external support can be extremely focused and efficient - If you find the right person.


I have a strong passion for executing and successfully turning defined opportunities into closed deals and have a long list of successes I have been part of winning. 

The Process


First contact - Typical a Teams or Skype meeting.

In this meeting we get to know each other and learn about each other’s

businesses. If the match is good, we proceed to second meeting 


We start our collaboration, and you will be kept informed about status and we will follow up according to the agreed timeline and milestones. 


Meeting with all stake holders in the assignment that you want us to support you on. Define clear goals, objectives, timeline, and common expectations.


When the assignment is completed to your satisfaction, we prepare final report if agreed. Hopefully both parties have been satisfied with the co-operation, and a strong relationship will be the base for more assignment in the future


Thomas Volder is the primary contact if you chose to work with us.

To meet the requirements in assignments that require additional or other competences- We work together with a number of highly skilled consultants. This is something that we can include if needed.

In front of the Parlament

Consulting about waste heat

We have supported the battle to get better legislation - Releasing taxes on waste heat from Datacenters. After years effort from strong influencers in the industry we succeeded.

Now waste heat will be used for heating houses benefitting both the climate and the economy.